China: Our enemy?

Burn Loeffke’s new book, “China: Our Enemy?” is out.  Note that the proceeds from sales will go to the Friendship Fund, which was established by Burn some 20 years ago.  The fund fully supports cadet working trips to China.  Seven to ten cadets, Chinese language students all, are selected yearly to attend a university for a very short period, then teach English and preventative medicine (using Burn’s manual) in the Yellow River Valley for a few weeks.  This enriching experience is intended to build relationships that may bear valuable fruit in years to come.  See the publisher’s announcement on the right to learn more about the fund and donation opportunities.
About “China: Our Enemy?” Carl Vuono wrote “ I found it to be excellent. It is an easy read but there are many wonderful "Nuggets" in it. There are also many references to West Point and Burn's experience there that shaped his life. He also ties them together very well to point out how important relations to China are for both the USA and China.  I would recommend the book to anyone interested in getting a better understanding of China and want to improve our relations with them.”