Business Meeting
USMA '57 Executive Board
28 April 2017

The meeting commenced 1415 EST. Present were: Gadd, Golden, Hocker, Rabe, Ramsden,
Ray, Sadler, Schorr, Smith, and Stevens. Present also was the Widow Liaison
Representative, Pat Buck. Absent were Schwehm, and Kovel.

1. After calling the meeting to order, Ray began by recognizing Schwehm’s significant
contributions to the business of the Class over the previous 12 years, 7 as its secretary, and
5 as its president. He further noted the enormous personal effort Paul had put into the
organization of the Reunion.

2. Ray then recognized, by name and position, the contributions of the rest of the Class
Executive Board over the past 5 years.

3. Smith gave an update on the status of Memorial articles. There are 128 of our departed
classmates who have not yet had their history memorialized. He urged the company CQs to
redouble their efforts to get these completed. He further requested that everyone give
serious attention to this important matter. He closed by urging each of us still living to put
together and submit to the AOG an input to their own obituary article. It should include all the
pertinent historical facts, leaving the kudos to their successors.

4. Rabe presented the Treasurer’s Report. He reminded us that the Class has three
accounts, all of which are solvent: as follows:

a. The Class Gift Fund:

     Five years ago it held approximately $200,000.

     Since then:

          $12,000 was spent to repair and refurbish the Honor Plaza.
          $60,000 was placed into endowments for continuing maintenance of
          Class memorial gifts.

     Leaving about $130,000 to be passed to the new board.

b. Two Class Spending Money Accounts:

     Admin Fund at AOG, plus the Cap One bank account:

          5 years ago - $27,000

          Activity since: Minor purchases (awards, flag, mailings, residual reunion expenses)

          Balance now - $22,500

          Subsidy for current reunion - $12,000

          Expected post-reunion balance passing to the new board - $10,500

5. Stevens reported the results of the election of the new Class Executive Board, as follows:

With 216 of the 312 living classmates having voted, your new Class Executive Board has
been elected --- to take up their duties 30 days from today. The slate of nominees was
voted in by an almost unanimous majority. Following are your new or reelected Class

Information Systems Officer – Don Sadler
Scribe – Max Kovel
   (Both of these stalwarts are continuing their current positions – the latter apparently in

Newly elected are:
Treasurer – Fred Koehler
Secretary – Dick Mollicone
Second Vice President – Jack Block
First Vice President – Jack Farris
And moving up from his current position as First Vice President, is your new president –
Bill Ray

For the Record: The Board also includes the Regional Reps, who are Dave Schorr
(Northeast), John Ramsden (Mid-Atlantic), Fred Smith (Southeast), Bob Gadd (Mid-
America) and Bill Golden (Pacific Rim)." All will continue serving on the new Board.

Thanks and congratulations to all who took the time to vote.

And a special thanks to our IT guru, Don Sadler, who did an amazing job of automating
the entire process and maintaining/verifying the tally.

And, as your Secretary, I hereby assure you that the results have been properly and
thoroughly validated.

6. Hocker, Rabe, and Stevens, who are terminating there term on the Board, were presented
awards of thanks for their contributions over the past 5 years.

7. Ray concluded the meeting by announcing that Paul Schwehm and Nick Monaco have
been honored by the award of the USMA Class of 1957 Medal.

8. Ray declared the meeting adjourned at 1438.

Respectfully submitted

Bob Stevens

Class Secretary


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