Business Meeting
USMA '57 Executive Board
  28 July 2017


Telephone Conference Called for 1100 hours EDT, Friday, 28 July 2017.

Attending: Bill Ray, Jack Farris, John Block, Fred Koehler, Max Kovel, Pat Buck, Dave Schorr,
                Fred Smith, Dick Mollicone

Absent:     Bob Gadd, John Ramsden, Bill Golden, Don Sadler

Meeting called to order via phone conference by President Bill Ray at 1107 hours EDT.

Treasurer’s Report (Fred Koehler): Copies Emailed to all. Summarized as follows –
            • Class Gift Fund - $146,000
            • Class Admin Fund - $12,700
            • Walt Rabe did an outstanding job of keeping the books; made for an easy transition.
            • Despite his terminal illness, Walt coordinated Reunion details and financial records in an
               outstanding manner; he is commended for his dedication.
            • The increase in Class Gift Fund is mainly due to market rise; this amount will fluctuate
               with market fluctuations.
            • Recommend that we stay with current AOG investment management.
            • (General comments about use of Class Admin Fund for 65th Reunion)
            • (Max) Hold off on plans for 65th Reunion for a few years; Consensus.
            • (Fred) Passwords for financials were difficult during transition; all available now; info
               given to President for back up.

Scribe’s Report (Max Kovel): There are many forms and sources with significant changes over the
            Summarized as follows –
            • Published three issues of Class Notes in 2016
            • Info of immediate importance, e.g. obituaries, awards, activities, etc. passed on via
               Email, then summarized in next Class Notes
            • Reunion Notes on Class web site
            • Class Net – three authorized “users;” Class President, Scribe and Information Systems
            • The Class Forum has lots of input, but not generally of interest to all; this is NOT
               transmitted on Class Net
            • Queries from others requesting info; most answers are on web site, Max secures answers
               and Emails to requestor
            • Company CQs are a source of information; communicated internal/external to
            • AOG is an info source from extensive data bases; check this carefully – there are errors
               from time to time.
            • Max will publish first 2017 Class Notes soon; much of it will be summaries since info
               has been on Class web site or previously passed on via Email
            • Very few snail mail communications these days

Widow Liason Report (Pat Buck):
            • Pat commended Max for his communications and service to the Class “all these years.”
            • The reason Max might get queries from others requesting info is that so many family and
               friends want to follow USMA and Class activities and they are unfamiliar with the Class
               web site.
            • (Max) It is important that Pat continue to keep in contact with widows and coordinate
               their activities as required

Secretary Report (Dick Mollicone): Bill had commented that these next five years will be sad ones
               as our classcontinues to age and classmates decease at a greater rate.
            • There have been six classmates decease during the tenure of this new Board; Don Davis,
               Joe House, Bob Buckner, Jerry Jagrowski, Bob Davis, Walt Rabe
            • Good responses from company mates providing vignettes and comments about our
               deceased classmates
            • Letters of condolence are posted in a timely manner
            • It was noted that Pat also writes to the widows and offers support and companionship;
               sometimes no response, others maintain contact

Miscellaneous General Comments:
            • (Bill Ray): It is too soon to make any commitments concerning our Class funds (Class
               Gift Fund - $146,000).
                    • Bill intends to form a committee of three members of the Board in the near
                       future to research ideas and formulate proposals for the full Board’s
                    • Interested members are asked to contact Bill by Email
                    • It was mentioned that the previous Board had discussed the possibility of
                       donating the Class Gift Fund to Class of 2007; not well received
                    • (Fred): As a note, there is an additional $72,000 in our Class Gift Fund already
                       committed for maintenance projects.
                    • (Max): We should consider endowing a project that will recognize our Class of
                       1957 in perpetuity
                    • (Fred): We should ask for a list of activities as possible candidates for our
                        consideration. I have such a list and will share it; send Email request.
                    • (Bill): The best projects are ones that repeat annually
           • (Bill Ray): How frequently should the Board meet?
                    • (Dick): Unless a special meeting is required, every 6 months should be sufficient
                    • (All): Indicated consensus
                    • (Bill): We will meet every 6 months. Jack Block was asked to set up the next
                        meeting at approximately six months
           • (Pat Buck): Class of ’54 put up a plaque recognizing Class of ’57 for their help;
                mentioning the Honor Plaza, et al.
                    • Pat has frequent interactions with Class ‘54 wives and sees how they do things;
                       attends their luncheons.
                    • There was a mention of obtaining the wording on the ’54 plaque; Pat has and
                       will Email a picture of the plaque.
           • (Dave Schorr): Commented on several items concerning the USMA AOG
                    • Dave just completed a traditional three year stint (culminating at the Class 60th
                       anniversary) as Class representative to the AOG
                    • There are many activities at West Point beyond education & training cadets;
                       AOG is deeply involved
                    • AOG is very under-staffed
                    • AOG has now instituted the position of Class Representative Emeritus; serving
                       for the three period following the Class 60th anniversary
                    • Bob Stevens has volunteered to serve as Class of ’57 Representative Emeritus.
                    • Bill thanked Dave for his service with the AOG
           • (Bill Ray): General discussion and laudatory comments about Bob Mischak (Cl ‘54)
              followed Bill’s announcement that Bob Mischak was being inducted into the Hall of
              Fame this year; thought was it should have been much sooner.

            Meeting adjourned by President Bill Ray at 1141 hours EDT.

Respectfully Submitted:

Dick Mollicone

Richard A. Mollicone, Secretary

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