Our List Servers

Class e-mails are sent out using list services provided by West-Point.org.  At the present nine separate list servers are available:

  • "Class Net" - All classmates, widows, and ex-cadets with e-mail - usma1957@west-point.org .  This service is used for "flash" distribution to the entire class -- messages that are considered urgent and/or of general importance to the Class.

  • DC list - DC area classmates with e-mail - usma1957dc@west-point.org.  This service is used by the DC group to pass information on local activities.  (Other regions can open a similar server if requested.)

  • Class Forum - Classmates (with e-mail) may request membership on the Class Forum, which is intended to provide members the opportunity to express their opinions on issues of interest to the class.  We expect some Forum discussions will lead to expression of divergent opinions.  This is acceptable so long as there are no personal attacks on classmates in these discussions.  Forum messages are posted by writing to usma1957-forum@west-point.org

  • Regional Lists -- Classmates (with email) who live in one of the five regions  are on their respective Regional List. This service is used to pass information on regional activities. The Regional Lists are:

  • North-East Region - usma1957-north-east@west-point.org Classmates (with email) who live in CT, NH, MA, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT and Classmates in the UK are on the North-East Region list.

  • Mid-Atlantic Region - usma1957-mid-atlantic@west-point.org Classmates (with email) who live in DC, DE, MD, VA, KY, and WV are on the Mid-Atlantic Region list.

  • South-East Region - usma1957-south-east@west-point.org Classmates (with email) who live in AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, and TN are on the South-East Region list.

  • Mid-America Region - usma1957-mid-america@west-point.org Classmates (with email) who live in CO, KS, ND, NE, AR, IA, LA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OK, SD, TX, and WI  are on the Mid-America Region list.

  • Far-West Region - usma1957-far-west@west-point.org Classmates (with email) who live in AK, CA, HI, OR, WA, AZ, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT, WY and Classmates in the Phillipines are on the Far-West Region list.

You join any of these servers by contacting  cDon.Sadler@gmail.com, advising him of your e-mail and which list server(s) you wish to join.  This data is not provided to AOG. 

Note that you do not respond to a message on the list unless you want it sent to all others on the list!  Rather, respond to the sender using his e-mail address.


AOG - Class / Company/Individual mailing:

AOG has a separate list server capability which sends e-mails to graduates who have notified AOG of their e-mail address.  [These services are maintained by AOG.]

Services include distribution lists for use by classes (or companies).  The only requirement is that messages sent contain information of interest to the majority of list members.  To send a message to:

  • All classmates (in the AOG database), send the message to distro57@aogusma.org.  

  • All classmates in your company (in the AOG database) address it to the class year (all four digits) followed by a dash and the company (e.g., 1957-D1@aogusma.org.

To use AOG list services the Association requires that specific guidelines be followed. 

AOG Location Services.
  • If you are trying to find a specific graduate, AOG provides a service that will allow you look up graduates who have e-mail addresses listed on our database. You will then be able to send a blind message to any of those who are listed. This service is not to be used for commercial or political solicitation.

  • If you are a GRADUATE and would like a COMPLETE list of your classmates with e-mail addresses, log in to the Grads Only section on the AOG homepage.