Spring Party at the Blocks

Jack and Alex Block hosted a spring party for DC area Classmates
at their lovely home in Dunn Loring, Virginia.
19 May 2018

(Thanks to Gerry Galloway for the photos.)

Our Hosts: Alex, Savannah and Jack Block

Hank thanking our hosts

Alex Block and Beebe McDonough at Check-in.

Marsha and Leigh Ogden

John Hocker, Hank Hatch, Bill King, and Bill Friend.

Bob Stevens, John Ramsden, Don Sadler, Bill Echevaria

Don Whalen

Leigh Ogden and Joyce Soyster

Alex Block, daughter Savanna and friend

Brenda Monaco, Marsha Ogden, and Margie Echeveria

Nora Whalen, Barbara Hocker, Shelley Hatch,Diane Galloway, and Julie King.

Beebe McDonough, Pat Ley and Aurora McDonough

Hank explains things to Ed Soyster

Skip Perrine, Jan Rabe, and Diane Perrine

Don Ley and Gerry Galloway

Bill Friend, Larry McNeil and Don Sadler

Bob Johns with his Daughter

Shelley Hatch, Barbara Hocker and Elaine McNeil