Joe House (B1) and Tom Bainbridge (E2)

Class Ring's to the
WPAOG Ring Memorial Program for the USMA Donated Class of 2019

The "Ring Memorial Program" is a program whereby graduates may bequeath (or graduates’ descendants may donate) West Point class rings for the specific purpose of incorporating the gold into the class rings of future graduates.

The Ring Melt for the USMA Class of 2019 was held in February this year. Two rings from '57 were among the sixty-nine rings melted down.

Jack Vickers presided at the melt of Joe House’s ring.

Ms. MaryBeth Bainbridge, daughter of Tom Bainbridge,  presided over the melt of his ring. “My father always wore his ring,” said  MaryBeth. “Given that his birthstone was a diamond, he even wore his West Point ring as his wedding band, it meant that much to him.”

See photos below:

Jack places Joe House’s ring into the crucible

Jack Vickers salutes Joe House.

MaryBeth Bainbridge places Dad's ring into the crucible