Jim Pocock - MSU Basketball Military Recognition

(Email from Jim)
Before Christmas I received an email from MSU ROTC asking if I wished to be considered as a veteran to be recognized at the beginning of a home basketball game. I indicated the Indiana game (because Gloria spent her first two years in college at IU) on Jan 19 and was selected. In the BIO they requested I said that Gloria deserved as much credit because she had to cope with 4 young children when I was in Vietnam, and the announcer included that comment in the video link below. I think we were both a little awed by the crowd, so no smiles in the video.

But the best part of the evening was being invited to sit in the Athletic Director's box suite and enjoy free food while watching the game. MSU dominated Indiana 85-57 following three games in which MSU played poorly. Maybe they will invite us back!

Jim Pocock