John and Barbara Hocker

This is John and Barbara Hocker’s daughter and son, Connie Buchalter and Guy Hocker. We want to share with you an update on Dad’s health and how he is doing.

First thank you for the cards and emails to Mom from those of you who have heard. She loves them and we are so grateful that you are encouraging her and us during this time.

Many of you may know that Dad was diagnosed in early March 2020 with a non-operable brain tumor which is terminal (CNS Lymphoma). He also has rapid onset memory loss, which puts him always in the moment, with challenges at recalling anything (short or long) in the past. He went through a short palliative radiation treatment in Maryland, then entered hospice for end of life care. We brought them both out to Colorado to stay with Connie’s family in Colorado Springs (Connie’s husband Greg is a doctor). Our lives since then have been focused on providing comfort care for Dad and enjoying the time we have with him. They plan to temporarily stay in Colorado so that our family can be together for whatever time the Lord gives us with John.