Jack and Pat Solomon Support the Troops

Jack writes:

During the pandemic, all USO’s have been closed, but there has been an effort to support the troops in many ways during their involvement with the protest marches. You are all aware of the negative publicity given to that support. Our Georgia USO has tried to support those troops and Pat and I had an opportunity to participate in that support on June 6th and 7th. We were thrilled to give our support because it has now been many months since we were last able to support our troops in a meaningful way.

Regardless of what you might have read, Georgia’s response to the protests was outstanding relative to what happened in other states and this was due in part to the quick involvement of our National Guard who reacted in an extremely professional manner. You can be proud of these citizen soldiers, the majority of whom are combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Included are some pictures of “2 old folks” with the troops. Pat and I were delighted to be with them and provide nourishment and support. It was a great privilege to serve our troops.

Grip (and wash) hands,

Jack and Pat Solomon