Happy 63rd Graduation Anniversary

Classmates and Wives.

Thanks to those of you who participated in today's Zoom Virtual 63rd Anniversary DC Class Lunch. A good time was had by the 28 people who appeared on the computer screens at one time or another during the hour(+) long event. Attendees included the Hatches, John Ramsden, the McNeills, the Comeaus (celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary), Pat Buck, Elly Dyson, the Echevarrias, Pat Ley (Don is still in rehab but getting better), Jan Rabe, Phyllis Lustig, Mike Houser, the Soysters, Bob Tilton, the Stevens, the Whelans, Leigh Ogden, Ruth McConnell, BB McDonough, Bill Friend, Ann Harlow, Diane and me.

Happy 63rd Graduation Anniversary to all, and stay healthy!!