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North Carolinians
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  1. Many Olsons, MacGills, Meads, Huckabees at Huckabee picnic

  2. Christmas Dinner at Pinehurst: Meads, Huckabees, Eric Olson, Lee Olson, Olsons

  3. Christmas at Pinehurst Hotel: Huckabees, Meads, Olsons, Eric Olson, Lee Olson

  4. Nancy Huckabee, Ann Olson at favorite shopping place in NYC - in the snow

  5. Huckabee, Olson at new library coffee shop

  6. Huckabees at the honor plaza

  7. Olsons – view from new library

Coffee, Yokohama '47 and AFC Golf

  1. Ted Voorhees outside the '57 Coffee Bar at the Library

  2. Champ Buck (top row, second from left), Gordon Rogers (first row, left), Hank Hatch (first row, second from left), Mike Keating (first row, third from left).  Mike is trying to ID unknowns.

  3. Army Football Club golf outing -- July 26th '08 (more photos)


  1. Atlanta's 4th of July celebration (more photos)

  2. Bill and Patt Seely's 50th Anniversary (more photos).

  3. G2's Reunion, Colorado Springs -- May 25-June 2

Founders Day, McBride Memorial and Lou Speaks

  1. Founders Day at McLean Hilton, Tysons Corners, VA

  2. M2 classmates and wives at McBride Memorial at Ft. Benning.

  3. Solomon, Faulkender, McCarthy and Ray at Lou Circeo's presentation to the Atlanta Kiwanis.

DC Parties

  1. Spring party at Nancy Alsheimer's.

  2. Harlows celebrate 51`st at June Luncheon.

  3. Hank Hatch thanks Chitticks for October party (more photos).