Looking to the Future

Gerry Galloway

If I might paraphrase from St. Paul's letter to Timothy:

We have fought the good fight; we are finishing the race; we have kept the faith; we will be remembered.

Fifty-five years ago we stood on the Plain with members of the class of 1907 and established a bond with them that continues to this day. Five years ago, we stood in review with the class of 2007 as they began their careers in the service of the nation. As we move into the future we maintain both our link with the past - the Class of 1907, and our link with the the future 2007. We have not forgotten the older class and the younger class will not forget us.

In a minute we will hear Taps, a final salute to our departed classmates. Bill Webb will lead us in the singing of the Corps. Listen carefully for that whisper, those enduring words:

The Long Gray line of us stretches

Through the years of the a century told

And the last man feels to his marrow

The grip of your far off hold

Our future is the Long Gray line.

Grip hands with those of the past.

Grip hands with those who are here today.

Grip hands with those who are marching into the future.

Grip Hands.

Grip Hands.